Couples Quiz – Relationship Quiz for Couples Considering Swing Lifestyle

What do you know about the lifestyle of swinging? Does it seem thrilling to you, to the point of causing arousal every time you think about it? Maybe you have some fear. Remember that there are good reasons for such emotions as well. Keep in mind that the swinging lifestyle is one in which couples -typically married- engage in different sexual activities and other couples. Often, partner swapping is mainly involved.

There are scenarios where partners will engage in orgies. That's especially true, even though some couples may just desire watching their spouse absorb in sexual activities along with other people. Often, swinging takes place in the room, but it could also take place in other rooms. Are you a couple considering if swinging is the best route for you? Why don't you find out today! Take our quiz to find if you're ready for a swinging lifestyle!

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Are You Ready to Be a Swinger?

You will find numerous individuals thinking they know the whole thing regarding sex. Do you know all there is? It is time to take a step on the wild side together with this exciting quiz about the swinging lifestyle. Who knows? Maybe you are a true swinging who only needs the boost you need. Perhaps taking this swinger quiz will help you and your partner let out of that closet! Are you ready? Without further ado, let's dive in!

Question #1. How do you feel about having sex?

a. I always love it, hoping I can have more!
b. Well, I can tolerate it when necessary
c. It's great, but that is not my top list now
d. Good but not that significant

Question #2. What are your reasons for considering swinging?

a. I want to satisfy myself
b. I want to satisfy my partner
c. I want to fix our relationship issues
d. I want to entertain my partner and me

Question #3. How would you feel having casual sex with somebody without strings attached?

a. Interrogative
b. Dirty
c. Contented
d. Pleased and satisfied

Question #4. Do swingers cheat?

a. Meh. Does it matter?
b. Of course! Swingers can still cheat
c. Well, it depends on the scenario
d. No, swingers cannot cheat

Question #5. What is your idea of your partner or spouse being pleasured by another man or woman?

a. I feel extremely jealous
b. I feel horny, yes!
c. Urgh, it’s irritating
d. I am a bit curious.

Question #6. What is your take on your spouse or partner having sex or playing with someone else? Does it bring you miserable thoughts?

a. Wrong. It does not describe me.
b. Exactly!
c. Hmm, I partially agree with that.
d. Not certain, though.

Question #7. What do you feel about kissing somebody other than your partner?

a. It makes me extremely thrilled.
b. Ewww! It’s disgusting!
c. I am a bit worried. I don’t know what to do.
d. Hmmm, I am interested.

Question #8. Someone at a club approached you and asking for a kiss. How would you react?

a. Excuse me? I must go.
b. Hey, how are you doing?
c. I would be very angry.
d. Pull them closer for a juicy kiss! I would love that!

Question #9. Someone other than you is kissing your partner. What would you feel?

a. I would be happy for him.
b. I would be aroused, would want as well!
c. It’s uncomfortable, you know.
d. I would prefer not to look.

Question #10. How would you rate your present relationship’s state?

a. Awesome! We are always in touch and happy.
b. It’s god. We are enjoying life and battling small rocky roads.
c. We are extremely desperate right now. This may be our last chance.
d. I am concerned, seeking assistance.

Question #11. What is your opinion about honesty in your relationship with your partner?

a. It is essential.
b. It’s better not to be honest, right?
c. Good but not essential
d. 100% critical

Question #12. How would you feel about having sex with groups of people?

a. It’s uncomfortable for me.
b. I would be horny for sure!
c. Sorry, I am not willing to patriciate.
d. It would be the happiest day of my life.

Question #13. How would you feel seeing other people have sex in front of you?

a. It’s infuriating!
b. It would be fun, right?
c. I am not sure how I would feel.
d. It would be amazing!

Do you have your answers with you? If most of your answers are positive, you need some swinging lifestyle today! You may not know it, but it can present you with different benefits!

Perks of a Swinging Lifestyle with Your Partner

• It offers a chance to try "compersion."
You will often hear this word which is the opposite of jealousy. An excellent way to feel that emotion is to see compersion as expansive and jealousy as constricted.

• Improves an already robust relationship
You may be wondering how having sex with somebody else result in a stronger connection between a partner? But it does not only please what you believe to be an innate need for selection, but it reminds you how blessed and lucky you are to have one another, not to mention swinging makes for some awesome sexually-fueled discussions

• Establishes a platform to deal with your uncertainties
Bringing your worries to the surface might not look like a professional. However, getting them out in the open is better than keeping all of them concealed. But to do that, you should admit you have them first.
Does it bother you when your partner kisses a play partner? Then talking about the concern with him or her can and will open the door to deeper levels of a team effort, honesty, and trust in handling whatever problems may come.

• Allows you to discover a wide array of sexual experiences and partners
Swinging is no doubt an excellent channel to experiment with numerous erotic fantasies. That's especially true if you are just starting the relationship or in a long-term one.

Based on the relationship quiz and the informatuion above, you may get enough reference to decide if you should give this swing lifestyle a try. And if this idea is only on your mind, you may learn some tips to talk your wife into a threesome and the swing lifestyle.