Tips To Talk Your Wife Into A 3sum

Most men have been found to have many sexual fantasies with threesome and voyeurism topping the list. On the other hand, women whose fantasies included a threesome came in lower than that of men. This, therefore, means that the chances of finding a wife that does not easily entertain the idea of a threesome are pretty high. A man, therefore, requires some tips to talk his wife into having this threesome thing.


Tips for making a wife agreeable to a threesome

1. The first issue you have to address is why this should happen. Women require this level of clarity to be able to feel honored and entitled. Make her understand why as a couple you need a third party and how the experience is going to benefit her. On this, you can talk about things like getting a new sexual experience that she might enjoy.

2. Assure her that it is experimentation and if she does not like it you are willing to abandon the idea. You also need to make her understand that in no way will it be a threat to your relationship. Make it a point, to be honest, and open to her, for her to trust and take your promises as your bond.

3. Introduce the fantasy first and picture it together, have deep conversations of it and make her imagine how everything would be. This should also include addressing the awkwardness that may arise in case you both decided to invite a third person into your bedroom. Make her relish the fantasy by introducing ideas like watching threesome porn videos together.

4. You can take her to sex parties and orgies where such adventurous sex is happening and let the beauty of the whole idea soak in her. This will open her perspective and curiosity after witnessing other engage in it. The best is first to be spectators as you watch her body language in reaction to the sexual atmosphere around.

5. Share with your wife about what both of you expect the experience and the aftermath. Allow her to air her expectations and fears as you tackle them with an amicable solution. Understand also the basis of her fears and expectations, do not assume her feelings and never be pushy. The whole threesome experience should not serve to cater to for the man's fantasy alone, it should be for the couple as a unit.

6. Heterosexual women are a bit unbendable when it comes to trying out this kinky experience. Thus you will need to need to evaluate yourself and put her needs first. She might agree to it but her preference is another man instead of another girl in on the threesome. As a hetero man evaluate the situation and make the best choice that you are also comfortable with.

7. It is not advisable to try a threesome with close friends, but when you trying to lure in your wife you can begin with people she is comfortable with and can sexually trust. However, these comes at a very high cost as sex changes everything and whenever possible go for a complete stranger. You have to find a willing person that both of you will be genuinely compatible with.

A threesome is a mind-blowing experience and no one should be denied to try it out if it's on their bucket list. However, you have to work on it as a couple and the best way is to use sites like to find likeminded couples and singles.