Polyamory Relationship VS Open Relationship - What's the Difference?

When talking about polyamorous relationship and open relationship, many people would think that they are the same thing. In most people's mind, they would think both of the two relationships mean the same as having multiple partners. Are they simply the same thing or they are actually different from each other? Let's find it out in the following paragraphs.

polyamory relationship

Isn't It All Just More Sex?

If it isn't monogamy, then what is it? A lot of different terms are thrown around to describe what is considered having multiple partners. If you are wondering what you have or what you want, then language is important. Language describes not just the actions but the emotional connections to the partners. Some relationships are just about sex. Other types aren't. Making it clear to yourself and your partners through clear communication will enable you to have a more satisfying and successful open or polyamorous relationship.

Open Relationships Mean Broad Choices

Having an open relationship means just that. It is open. Open is the opposite of closed. So, the opposite of open is monogamous. If you aren't in a monogamous relationship, then you are in an open relationship. An open relationship is the broad category that encompasses all of the different types of more specific relationships that describe being with more than one person. So, this means that being polyamorous, swinging couples, side pieces, friends with benefits, all of these categories are part of and can be described as being a type of an open relationship. All open means is that you aren't connected to just one person, sexually or emotionally.

If you are looking to expand your thoughts of what it means to be in a relationship, understand that saying you are in an open relationship won't convey the full implications of what you want or what you are looking for. Open could mean a lot of different things. So, it is best to not assume that your definition of open is the same as the person you are talking with or interacting with. This is particularly important when you are on dating apps or on social media in general. Clarity of what type of open relationship is key to finding exactly who and what you want in a partner and a person.

Polyamory Means A Specific Type Of An Open Relationship

If a polyamorous relationship is a type of an open relationship, then what is polyamory? Think about being in a relationship as a combination of two things. First, a relationship is about the sexual chemistry and sexual activity. Second, a relationship is also about the emotional connection between yourself and the other person.

If the relationship is 100% sexual, then you have a hookup or something more carnal, but still very satisfying. If the relationship is 100% emotional then you have a friend or a family member, very real and very close. When you are in the middle of the spectrum you have a partner. A partner is often considered a girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse. Polyamory requires that same commitment to the individual. Polyamory isn't about hookups or just friends, but rather a complete commitment of mind and body to more than one person.

Find Out What You Need and Want

Not everyone needs a polyamorous relationship. Others naturally are inclined to want to find hookups on dating sites with more than one person at any given time. Find out what you need emotionally and physically before you jump into any committed relationship. Honesty and clear communication with allow you to gain more insight and more control over your sexual future.