How to Find A Unicorn on Tinder Like Dating Apps?

Before we look further on how to find a unicorn, we may need to first understand the meaning of a unicorn in the dating industry. Obviously, it does not refer to the beautiful creature you have often seen in a cartoon – a magic horse with a single and spiraled horn in the middle of its forehead. It is a wonderful but rear creature that you can not see often. Due to these characteristics, they call a single female who is willing to have sexual relationship with a couple as unicorn. That's what unicorn means when it has been used as a swinging term in dating.

find a unicorn

More about swing lifestyle

Now that we know unicorn is a swinging term, we'd better get further understanding for the swing lifestyle to solve our original question. Swinging is a sexual activity that in which both parties in a relationship will have sex with others outside this relationship. So many swinger couples would often look for a third to join them. But just as the real unicorn, this kind of bi swinging singles are not easy to find.

Where to find a unicorn?

Then how to find a unicorn? Many would go to the local swinger date club. But with the highly increased demand, the local swinger date club can not meet needs of the ever increasing group. Then you may think of the way of finding it online. After all, that's how the world works right now, everything is going online.

No good to seek on Tinder for a unicorn

The first place that most people will try would be Tinder when you decide to find your luck online. Though it is famous and popular, but it does not mean that Tinder is the solution to all questions. Swinger dating is a lot different with normal dating or hookup that involves just two individuals; it may involve couples as one or both parties. But on site like Tinder, you can only set your profile as single men or women. This makes it more troublesome for seeking unicorn as a couple.

In this case, you can only indicate in the profile content that you are a couple looking for a third. But as we all know that Tinder is most famous for its swipe feature, profile content will in most case be ignored directly. Don't get me wrong. Tinder is great, but it just does not suitable for people who are enjoying the swing lifestyle to seek their partners.

How to find a unicorn?

Figured all the above, it is time that we find a suitable platform to seek a unicorn and the like. The solution is Tinder like dating site but build for seeking unicorn and other swingers. Think about it, you can set your profile directly as a couple or a single looking for whatever you want. And the members on such a platform are all like-minded swingers or bi curious singles who are looking to taste the fun of threesome.

Other than profile setting, there are other features that would work magic for the members. And we have to mention the fun video cam chat feature in one of many amazing features. Other than message chat, you can add a little spicy and flirt during your live cam chat with the ideal partners.

Yes, finding a unicorn can not be that difficult if you can find the right platform. With all members on the platform sharing the same interests and purpose, you can definitely have a great chance of success. And all the customized features for swingers would make the whole process much easier for you than on any other platforms.